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We purchase Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, E-Scrap, Plastics and Cardboard

Roll Off Containers/Trailers - Industrial Purchasing

Roll Off Containers/Trailers

Brothers Recycling accompanied by Daveco Inc. has a Roll Off Container Fleet to service the Greater area of Birmingham, AL for Recyclable Scrap Pick Ups. Brothers and Daveco have ability to provide dry van trailers, secure overseas containers for contractor’s job sites.

Retail Purchasing

Roll Off Containers/Trailers

Brothers Recycling is a full-service recycler welcoming all commercial and industrial businesses, brokers, dealers, and individuals looking to get paid TOP DOLLAR for their recyclable commodities. Brothers Recycling has a convenient Retail Purchase Site at 1620 Vanderbilt Road in Birmingham Alabama. Our staff is committed to making your scrap selling experience friendly, fast and simple. All scales at Brothers Recycling Company have Digital read outs so the customer can see their weights! All scales are Certified Regularly by the State of Alabama. If it’s recyclable give the Brothers a chance to turn that scrap into CASH! Brothers Recycling follows all Federal, State and Local Laws.

We buy all types of scrap metals, including:

Roll Off Containers/Trailers

Cast Iron
Old Appliances
Aluminum Cans
Catalytic converters
P&S Prepared
P&S Unprepared
#1/#2 Prepared
#1/#2 Unprepared
Oversize Torch
Sheet Iron
Foundary Cast Iron
Dirty Cast Iron

Bare Bright Copper
No. 1 Copper
No. 2 Copper
LT Copper
Insulated CU Wire #1
Insulated CU Wire #2
Low Grade ICW
Red Brass
Semi Red Brass
Yellow Brass
Reefer Ends
Irony Radiators
Heater Cores
Aluminum Cans
Mill Sheet Aluminum
Cast Aluminum
PTD Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Clips (MLC)
6061 Alum (no plate/sheet)
6061 Aluminum Other
6063 Aluminum
Clean Aluminum Wheels
Light Irony Aluminum
Heavy Irony Aluminum
ACSR / Neoprene
Aluminum Shavings
Aluminum / Copper Reefers
Alum / Copper Reefers (W/FE)
Aluminum Coolers
Mixed Die Cast Irony
Stainless Steel
Clean Lead (Wheel Weights)
Batteries (Auto/Truck/Industrial)

We do not purchase

Roll Off Containers/Trailers

We do not purchase: Unless Authorized

Railroad Scrap Metals
Public Utilities Metal
Manhole Covers & Storm Drain Covers
Water Meters & Water Meter Covers
Street Signs
Beer Kegs
Burned Copper Wire
Communications Cable
Historic Markers
Cemetery Markers


We do not purchase: No exceptions

Compressed gas cylinders with valve or closed containers of any kind
Asbestos-containing material
Acetylene or commercial gas cylinders
Cathode ray tubes
Containers with free-flow liquids (paint, oil, gasoline, etc)
Mercury switches or devices
Flammable or combustible material
Fluorescent light bulbs or ballast
CFCs or refrigerants
Munitions, bullets or explosives
Radioactive material




Auto/Parts Salvage

Roll Off Containers/Trailers

Irony Radiators
Heater Cores
Aluminum Coolers
Clean Lead (Wheel Weights)

Batteries (Auto/Truck/Industrial)
Cleen Aluminum Wheels
Starters / Alternators Recycling
Auto A/C Compressors Recycling
Water Pump Industrial Recycling

Metals/Electronic Recycling

Roll Off Containers/Trailers

Whole Equipment:

PC Computers
Satellite Antennas
Cable Boxes
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Cell Phones
Intact LCD/Plasma Screens
House/Office Phones
Electric Meters

Electrical Components:

Circuit Boards
Power Supplies
AC/DC Adaptors
CD Rom Drives
Floppy Drives
Heat Sinks
Hard Drives
Computer Fans
Docking Stations
Connector Ends

State Certified Scales - Accurate Weights - Competitive Pricing